Orienteering symbols TrueType font

The original from http://www.ecko.org.uk/font.html had problems when used with OOo on Windows. For example, glyphs would not show in the "Insert - Special Character" dialog, and the symbols in the font instructions RTF file (link below) did not show either. There were fewer problems with the font under Linux where at least the glyphs showed in the Special Character dialog.

WARNING: The font that you can download below is NOT compatible with the original one above, and it isn't even entirely correct. Use it ONLY if you're desperate to get the symbols in print or PDF and don't ever intend to share the original documents.

By fumbling around with the file in fontforge I've managed to get a font file that works. All glyphs appeared to be located from U+2C21 to U+2CFF. I have split the glyphs as follows:

After this, the document http://www.ecko.org.uk/font_instructions.rtf also correctly displays these symbols.

Download the modified font file here: Orienteering symbols font - TrueType